We've discussed The Guardian here before, but let me refresh your memory: Not to be confused with the best-ever movie about druids and evil trees, it's about the training of Coast Guard rescue studs, and stars Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher, the latter looking much less tough than his lady did in GI Jane. And, after watching the trailer, I must tell you that it's going to be freaking awesome, if only in a "Oh my god I can't believe I'm buying this" sort of way. To wit:
  • Costner has accepted that he's so old he has to play the grizzled jerkoff teacher, rather than the hot young trainee. Nice.
  • Hardcore male bonding! With, of course, token women throw in here and there so that we don't think anyone is (shhh) gay.
  • John Heard!
  • You know that puffy green jacket that Costner wore in Bull Durham? He still has it! No lie.
  • Effects that look pretty crappy, which is good because otherwise those massive waves would be downright terrifying. As it is, it's more like "Look, a bathtub and a model helicopter! Neat!"
  • Kevin Costner, fidgeting with something in his hands and looking tentative. I mean, come on -- how many memories does that bring back? Can you say "You wanna have a catch?"
  • Kutcher, I suppose, is good for something. Plus, it'll be sort of fun to see him pretending to be Val Kilmer in Top Gun.
  • Actually, pretty much everyone is pretending they're in Top Gun. Which, you know, could be worse. At leas they're not pretending to be in, say, The Bridges of Madison County.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Guardian. Hitting your local multiplex on September 22. (I'll be the one in the front row, cheering wildly at the insanity.)

[via JoBlo]
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