Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • I never quite enjoyed The Mummy movies (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King) as much as, say, watching Brendan Fraser stand outside in the rain screaming bloody murder during that awesome scene in School Ties. Oh c'mon -- you know you dug it too. Needless to say, it appears a fourth Mummy film (or third, depending on whether or not you count Scorpion King) in now in the works and, according to Freeze Dried Movies, both Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz will be reprising their roles as an Oscar winner and a has-been who team up for some classic 1940s-style Chinese action. Seriously, why in the world would Weisz want to do another one of these? Someone get Aronofsky on the phone -- we need to knock some sense into this gal. (And no, I'm not promoting domestic violence -- it was just a joke.)
  • When I think of Martial Arts master Bruce Lee, I imagine a dude kicking some major ass. Probably the last thing that comes to mind is a Bruce Lee that sings and dances across a stage. Well, don't tell that to David Henry Wang, because the Tony-winning Chinese-American playwright is keen on bringing a staged Bruce Lee musical to life. He already has approval from Lee's family and is looking to stage the musical in either Shanghai or Beijing sometime in 2008.
  • And finally, here's some news that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. To me, at least. According to Moviehole's Gossip Monkey, Kevin McClory is looking to do a remake of the classic James Bond film Thunderball which, as you may remember, has already been remade once with 1983's Never Say Never Again. Can one film really have two remakes?  Seeing as McClory holds the remake rights to Thunderball, I guess the guy can remake it as many times as he wants, right? And we can't say a damn thing. The funniest part about this whole thing is that the folks in charge are seriously considering bringing ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan back for the role, just like they did with Sean Connery for Never Say Never Again. How hilarious would it be if Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan were playing James Bond at the exact same time in different Bond-related films? Ooohh, maybe afterwards they could do a whole Alien vs. Predator sort of thing and have the two battle each other to the death? That would be rad.
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