Maybe I just missed the boat where Superman is concerned, but to me, the character's appeal was not that he was a super-heroic alien visitor who posed as an average schmo when he wasn't on the clock. No, to me the appeal of Superman was that the guy is, essentially, a god. A god in red & blue tights who protected humanity because his beloved dad told him that we could be great beings, given half a chance. Well, it's a whole new millennium and apparently we need an all-new Superman: a noble, crime-hating god who longs and yearns and aches and pines ... for a cutesy little wisp of a woman who, frankly, doesn't seem to be worth all the trouble.

Yes, Superman Returns, and his two new ingredients are Emotional Baggage and CGI Wizardry. X-Men creator Bryan Singer and his go-to screenwriters, Dan Harris & Michael Dougherty, were given carte blanche and a blank check with which to create an all-new Superman adventure ... and while they do succeed, it's only in extended fits and starts. Just when you think the movie's about to burst out with some dazzling set piece or action sequence -- we're treated to yet another dose of semi-maudlin and rather ill-fitting touchy-feelyism. That's not to say that Superman Returns isn't necessarily worth the $9.00 ticket ... but after almost two decades in development, the movie promised to be more than a slick and silly Super Soaper.
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