The organizers of the massive Toronto International Film Festivalannounced the names of all 25 of their North American premieres (a number that amounts to about 2% of the roughly 30 zillion movies that will screen at the fest) yesterday, and it looks like Toronto is setting up to be Cannes West. Among those titles are such Cannes successes as Red Road, Shortbus, Babel, Nani Moretti's The Caiman and Palme d'Or winner The Wind That Shakes the Barley. The non-Cannes films on display include a refreshingly large group from Asia, including Time (Korea), Bliss (China), Invisible Waves (Thailand) and Takashi Miike's Big Bang Love: Juvenile A (Japan).

Though James covered many of the big Cannes premieres already, we will also be on the ground in Toronto and will catch up with a few of the films he missed (hey, one man can only do so much), hopefully including The Caiman; the 2006 TIFF unspools this fall, running from September 7 to September 16.