While rumors fly furiously in both directions regarding the possibility of another sequel in the X-Men film franchise, a few things are known for certain. There will be a Wolverinespin-off vehicle starring Hugh Jackman, and there will be a Magneto spin-off vehicle at least featuring Ian McKellen. With screen writing being what it is, and Marvel already working on a full slate of in house produced films, any time frame for these two projects looked to be somewhat in the future -- but it appears at least one of them plans to hit he ground running very soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, details emerged at day two of the Cine Expo promising a Wolverine film in 2007, with a taped video promise from Jackman himself.

This seems very ambitious, but I suppose if filming started post haste, production could be wrapped in time for a late 2007 release. The project is certainly big and important enough to merit a ton of special attention from 20th Century, and when a big studio wants to make things happen, they can really make things happen. Let's just hope a rush job to capitalize on the success of X3 doesn't come at the expense of quality.
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