So, I'm skimming through the trades this morning, innocently searching for news of more jobs for geniuses like Kristin Cavallari and Chad Michael Murray when I suddenly slam into a wall. Well, a bucket, actually. Rob Reiner, you see, is directing a movie called The Bucket List. And, get this: Two actual actors are going to star in it. Woo hoo! Who are they? Oh, you know. Just a couple of old dudes. You might have heard of them -- Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Assuming Reiner can get Nicholson to stay reasonably calm, I feel comfortable giving this one a "Oh hell yes!" without even reading about the plot.

For those of you more cautious than I, however, the The Bucket List is about "two terminally ill men" who break out of a cancer ward and set off to fulfill everything on their "Bucket List," a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket. I'm guessing that, mixed in with all the caviar, race cars, and high-stakes poker games are going to be some heartfelt family reconciliations, but come on. It's Nicholson! It's Freeman! You can handle a little schmaltz.

The hope is that production will begin this fall; no word yet on budget or release date.
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