The 15th annual Cinema Expo International -- "Europe's premier gathering of motion picture industry professionals," they claim -- is currently underway in Amsterdam, and by far he coolest part of the event is the screening of clips and trailers for big upcoming release. Tuesday night was apparently Fox night and, while a few of the featured trailers -- The Devil Wears Prada, My Super Ex-Girlfriend -- have already appeared on this side of the pond, most of the films on offer are new to us, as well. According to Screen Daily, audiences reacted incredibly positively to a few of the films, particularly Borat, which was introduced by Sacha Baron Cohen (in character, of course), and then screened in its entirety for a very appreciative audience.

Warm receptions were also given to Ridley Scott'sA Good Year and, of all things, the name-filled Night at the Museum. Just a clip of the latter was shown, but "the film was consistently the first mentioned amongst exhibitors," and it "[elicited] an overwhelmingly positive." Is it possible that Shawn Levy has actually made a good movie? Please. I'll believe that when I see it.
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