Hey, there's nothing like nepotism, right? If your mom is Marcia Gay Harden, you can turn into a movie star with basically no on-screen experience whatsoever! Which is ... cool? Either that, or it will destroy your life, and you'll go down the drug-addled, alcohol-fuel path of humiliation trod by such luminaries as Drew Barrymore, Todd Bridges, and one or two Coreys. The contracts have been signed, though, and there's no turning back: Harden and her seven-year-old daughter Eulala Grace Scheel are starring in Home, an indie drama written and directed by Mary Haverstick.

In the film Harden plays a woman who, in an attempt to "break the cycle of addiction in her family," takes her kid on a summer roadtrip. (So, basically, it's either a lovely, nuanced story about family or a cliched piece of crap.) Marian Seldes, Michael Gaston and Candace Buckley are also in the cast; Home is currently shooting in Pennsylvania.
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