I bet that, when Anne Rice left vampires and witches for the Lord, you thought we wouldn't see any more of her novels make the jump to celluloid, right? Well, you were wrong (And, yes, I was too. We all make mistakes.): The rights to Rice's Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt -- the first in a planned quartet about the life of Christ -- have been acquired by Good News Holdings, a production company formed last fall with the stated goal of creating "faith-based content in multimedia formats." [As an aside, I wonder where Rice's passionate return to the church leaves her non-Gothic novels. Because I would officially flip out if someone made a movie of Cry to Heaven or The Feast of All Saints. Though I guess all the gay lovin' in Cry to Heaven might not fit with Rice's current sensibility. Dammit.]

Rice herself has been hired to write the screenplay and, given her tremendous regard for The Passion of the Christ, expect it to be bloody (when possible -- the book only covers Jesus' life from birth to his family's move from Egypt to Nazareth) and realistic. But in English, one hopes. The plan is to have the film in theaters in time for Christmas, 2007.
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