I, like most of the geek world, am an unabashed Neil Gaiman fanboy. I love nearly every work the man has touched, and rejoice every time I hear of a new project coming from him. Naturally, I've been quite eager for Stardust, a film based on Neil Gaiman work, to get itself finished and into my grubby little hands. Sadly, however, it seems as though my eagerness must be held in check for a bit longer than originally planned, as word from Neil Gaiman himself suggests the release date for the film has been bumped back a bit to March 9, 2007.

In other, semi-related news, Neil Gaiman's blog has an amusing story about a football (soccer) game which spontaneously erupted between the casts of two films shooting at the same location -- Gaiman's Stardust and the new Bond flick. Gaiman muses the match to go something like this: "...and it's Ernst Stavros Blofeld and he passes to Felix Leiter and... oh, he just got turned into a goat. And there's a cluster of excited ghosts over by the goal-mouth, one of them just ran through Le Chifre, and the ball, the ball's gone up... "

Now there is some "football" even we Americans could get into.
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