If you were Ron Howard at this stage in your career, just coming off yet another successful film venture, you'd probably have your choice of projects to pursue, with studios, actors, and writers queuing up to work with you. With such a powerful scope, what do you suppose are the odds you'd choose J. Michael Straczynski's thriller The Changeling? Apparently, the odds are pretty decent, as Variety is now reporting The Changeling is among the "short list" of projects being considered by Howard (who has yet to sign on for the next Da Vinci flick, by the way).The movie, which joins the list of quite a number of film projects named Changeling, is the story of a mother who prays for the return of her kidnapped child -- only to have some freaky demon look-alike substitute child returned instead.

Like many good horror/thriller flicks involving demon children, this one claims to be based on true events. I can see it, can't you? I clearly remember my Sunday school teacher telling me that God answers all prayers ... sometimes He says "yes," sometimes He says "no," and sometimes He says "hey, how about I replace your child with demon spawn?"
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