Two weeks ago, I told you about my distaste for many of today's young starlets. Well, I've realized that there is one actress who has been effective throughout her short career: Evan Rachel Wood. Now I'm counting on the 18-year-old to continue going strong in adulthood, and I think she's more than capable of succeeding. In fact, I'm so certain of her ability, that I'd like to make this prediction: Wood will win an Oscar in her lifetime, if not in the next decade. She just needs to be better recognized by the industry so that she can get the roles she's worthy of playing. Coming up for her are two films that might get her more notice: the Augusten Burroughs adaptation Running With Scissors and Julie Taymor's Beatles-inspired love story, Across the Universe.

Wood might face one problem in her career, though: She isn't into the mingling and partying that keeps most of Hollywood's young stars in the industry eye, as well as in the public consciousness. Already she's (in my opinion, anyhow) the most beautiful and most talented actress under the age of 20, and yet few people know her name. Personally I think that her wanting a private, quiet life will benefit her in concentrating on her acting -- though I don't believe that partying is necessarily bad for stars, and could point out many who are good enough to be a part of the wild life. Lifestyle shouldn't be an issue. Hollywood and moviegoers should just notice a standout like Wood automatically. Not only has she not put in a bad performance, yet, she has already carried bad movies like Pretty Persuasion, making them worthwhile viewing for her work alone. I also think she would be effective in any of the bigger roles out there going to the likes of Dunst, Lohan, Bosworth, Howard and the rest.

So what is it going to take for her to become the most appreciated actress of her generation?

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