Two weeks ago, the internet community was abuzz with the news that noted director Bryan Singer backing off from Logan's Run, a project he had been attached to for quite some time. This news rooted itself in a comment reportedly made by Singer himself, who claimed he would not be working on the project.* However, Singer is now disputing the rumors in a recent interview with iFMagazine. When asked, he insisted "it's not dead," and said "It's too magnificent. The world we developed and the things we pre-vized [pre-visualized] (are) too extraordinary."

Singer's explanation basically goes along these lines: He's really, really busy, and has this whole enormous Supermanproject going on, so pretending to know anything about a time table for another film would be disingenuous. Especially since Superman Returns might have a sequel in the works very soon. I'll be the first to admit this is an entirely legitimate defense: Time demands are tricky to manage when you've got a lot on your plate -- just ask Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon. In the meantime, fans can cling to the hope that Singer has not abandoned Logan's Run ... at least, not yet.

*At least "not for some time." Which in Hollywood lingo often means "I'm going to ignore it until everyone forgets about it."
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