Even though Kevin Smith probably has a lot of fans who would do anything for him (yes Scott, I'm talking to you) without asking for anything in return, he's Harvey and Bob Weinstein are apparently not sure those people exist in big enough numbers to promote Clerks II effectively. So, in an effort to make sure that all of MySpace loves him, Smith and and his friends at The Weinstein Company has worked out a deal with MySpace and is offering the following perk: The first 10,000 MySpacers who "friend" the Mooby's Presents: Clerks II page will get on-screen credit in the movie in return.* Um, woo hoo?

If you've got limited space in your friends list, or have stringently high standards for adding friends, keep in mind that the names aren't going to appear in a giant font, surrounded by flashing lights or anything. According to TWC, "the names will appear horizontally and begin scrolling after the credits." So, basically, you're going to need to wait for the DVD SE before you can pause the credits and actually see your name. But hey, if you love Kevin Smith, you'll be linked forever on celluloid, which I guess is something. The count begins today at 5pm, so get that friend-adding finger ready.

*I'm not a Smith fan and tend to pretty cynical about all things related to him, but he's apparently blameless here. According to his own post at the View Askew forums, it was an entirely TWC deal, and all he did was provide a quote. So blame Harvey and Bob, not Kevin.

EDIT: The consensus seems to be that the site originally linked here was fake -- we'll see what pops up after 5pm.

EDIT AGAIN: The real page is here. Thanks, Wes and Scott.
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