Kerry Washington played the popular Alicia Masters, the blind love interest of Ben Grimm (the Thing) in 2005's summer superhero hit The Fantastic Four. Like the rest of the cast, Washington is excited to return to the franchise, and also like the rest of the cast, she has begun discussing it with the media. Washington recently talked with MTV, and while she didn't have anything particularly new to say, she did confirm a few facts and convey her happiness at being a part of the project. Washington said there are still two scripts being considered for the second film, and no decision has been made yet regarding which they'll use. In fact, Washington indicated that a bit of both may make the final cut, as they're trying to lift the material they like from each script. Washington said to expect the second film to be a bit "darker" than the first, with the action able to really pick up now that origin stories are out of the way. Additionally, she commented on the inclusion of the Silver Surfer in the new Fantastic Four flick. She's very excited about it, and thinks it will be "huge." So huge, in fact, she thinks the Surfer (and his boss Galactus, of course) probably deserved their own movie.

The Silver Surfer is a very popular character in the Marvel-verse, although not as big as most of the "major" titles we've seen so far. He could certainly compete with The Punisher, Ghost Rider, orElektra in terms of popularity, however, so his own movie isn't a bad thought. I have nothing but my own suspicions to go on with this, but yours truly would not be at all surprised to see the Marvel using FF2 as a launching pad for the Surfer, if the film meets with a good reception. Expect a Silver Surfer movie, if Marvel films continue to perform well at the box office.
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