Hart Sharp Video, the company that distributed Morgan Spurlock'sSuper Size Me on DVD, has signed a deal for a long-term relationship with the director. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spurlock and Hart Sharp will distribute documentaries with "distinct social relevance and importance to society and the world today" under the new "Morgan Spurlock Presents ... " banner. While some of the films will have received theatrical distribution prior to the DVD release, others will get their first non-festival exposure via Morgan Spurlock Presents ... , including Czech Dream, a fascinating-sounding, very well-reviewed documentary about the "influence of Western consumerism on Czech society" that has, until now, only been seen in the US at a handful of festivals. The other release already planned for the distributor is The Future of Food, a doc about the hazards of genetically modified food that received a limited theatrical release in this country.

If you disagree with Spurlock's politics or views, obviously, you don't need to see the movies, but it's hard to come up with any real reason not to support this new partnership, particularly if it gives us a chance to see excellent, under-exposed works like Czech Dream. Personally, I can't wait to see what's next on their list.