When London was putting together its successful bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, the people running the campaign asked a guy named Daryl Goodrich to put together a short film to promote the city and its bid. And, according to pretty much anyone familiar with the bid, Goodrich's short, entitled Inspiration, was a key to London ultimately getting the gig (which is more than a little disturbing -- the voting turned on a movie, rather than, say, facilities and public transportation?!). Because all of Hollywood is unable to leave anything with potential alone (if only because of their fear that someone else will make a pile of money from it), Nickeleon Films has signed a deal with Goodrich and his producing partner Caroline Rowland to turn the short into a $30 million feature, tentatively titled Legend of the Rings.

The short (I can't find it anywhere online -- anyone seen the thing?) was filled with what TOMB calls "vomit-inducing sentiment" and the feature, which will be about "kids inspired to greatness after watching the London 2012 Olympic Games unfold," is expected to be equally inspirational. However, Rowland insists that it will not be entirely about success. "It's important to address the issue of failure, too," she says. "This must not simply be a rose-tinted movie." Um, she might want to check with Disney on that -- successful sports films are all about the rose tinting.
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