Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • Damn, talk about a quick turnaround -- that Nativity film already has a teaser trailer online, as well as some behind the scenes footage. Pic, which will tell the story of Mary from a "strong female perspective" is directed by Catherine Hardwicke and stars Whale Riders'Keisha Castle-Hughes. It's not too uncommon for a film to move along this fast, though a speedy production can sometimes hinder its final outcome. Everyone involved wants this flick in theaters in time for Christ's birthday, so only then will we see if this lightning rod is any good.
  • I can't stand these little pop-culture phrases that clever writers dream up, only to pollute the environment and drive me crazy. Where's Al Gore's documentary on the words Mimbo and Metrosexual? That's what I want to know. Anyway, Paramount Pictures snatched up the pitch Frenemies from writers Dwayne Stempel and Jennifer Robinson. Frenemies. Yes, that's what it's called. Wanna know what a Frenemy is? I know you do. You're dying for it. Well, the story revolves around two best girlfriends who, for one reason or another, become archenemies. Get it? A Frenemy is a friend who becomes an enemy. What will they come up with next? Just shoot me now.
  • Since I'm always looking for reasons to bash Jamie Kennedy, a wonderful little story popped up today that was just too good to ignore. Seems the actor/comedian wants to become a real-life rapper. Oh yeah, and you thought Malibu's Most Wanted was just a joke. Nope, this guy is actually hoping to be the next Eminem -- he even has a record deal with plans to release his first rap album next month. Sorry folks, the only joke present here is the artist himself. Has anyone heard his music? Is it really as bad as I know it is?

UPDATED TO ADD: Yes, I know about Kennedy's TV show, however a lot of people thought it was a joke because, well, the guy does stuff like that. And so, to repeat myself, the only joke present here is the artist himself.

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