Going to see a French comedy at a film festival can be a dicey proposition. Sometimes they're really funny; other times, the French humor just falls flat with American audiences. In Quatre Etoiles (Four Stars), the humor meter was pretty much on, although certain aspects of the film seemed to rub the liberal Seattle crowd the wrong way.

When Franssou (played by the lovely and very charming Isabelle Carré) inherits €50,000 from an aunt, she's torn over what to do with the windfall. Spend it all traveling around the world? Save it frugally? Her boring, middle-aged boyfriend wants Franssou to buy him a mattress and save the rest. Franssou, wisely, decides instead to dump the boyfriend and take off on a luxurious trip to Cannes, where she holes up in the Ritz Carlton and proceeds to enjoy herself immensely.

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