Despite the critical disaster that Cannes rendered Richard Kelly'sSouthland Tales, Sony Pictures has decided to take the plunge with the film, acquiring American theatrical and home video distribution rights. Though the studio has yet to decide which of its many arms will handle the film, rumor has it that a new edit will hit theaters sometimes early next year. That said, however, the edit will NOT be the drastic slashing that many expected would have to be done to make the overlong film palatable to audiences. Instead, Kelly himself is in the editing room now, completely overhauling the film with (supposedly) his own agenda. Sony is telling the press that the movie critics saw at Cannes was in fact unfinished, and that Kelly is now "[finishing] it properly." Uh huh. You keep working on that spin, Sony. The rest of us will be over here with our grains of salt, waiting to see if anyone can follow (or, indeed, will even want to follow) the resulting movie.
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