On the heels of the much-discussed Spider-Man 3trailer now available for viewing on internet sites everywhere, a savvy blogger over at Film Ick has put together a rather interesting plot summary of what we know so far. He uses a mix of insider "sources" who have worked on the film and smart conjecture based on what we've seen in the trailer and stills. Note, none of this is in any way official, so take it for what it is. What follows are the most interesting claims he makes, but SPOILER HATERS BEWARE -- I can't promise it will be free from secrets.

  • Fans should stop whining about the Venom suit. It only looks like a boring chromo-variant of the red and blue suit when it is on Spider-Man because the symbiote is clinging to the Spider-suit. It will look more like "classic Venom" when it takes over Mr. Brock. Maybe that's a cheap argument, but I can live with it if it's true.
  • Harry, as the Goblin, dies during a final act of redemption, saving Peter in a fight with Sandman.
  • Scenes inside Curt Conner's lab provide a very clear set-up for him turning into the Lizard ... but it is nothing more than teaser. The Lizard himself is being saved for a possible sequel.
  • The final battle of the film will be a four way battle royale between Spidey, Venom, Sandman, and the Goblin. Sounds wonderful to me.
  • Bruce Campbell is in the film as Quentin Beck (only Beck, not his alter-ego) in a small, amusing part. Unlike the Lizard, this is not seen as set-up for a future Mysterio film. Sad.
  • Despite being in many early drafts, the Black Cat will NOT make any significant appearance in the film. She was initially planned to be a love interest/foil for Peter Parker, but Gwen Stacey is taking care of that now. There is VERY strong speculation this is due to Dunst (M.J.) declaring her desire to have nothing to do with any further Spider-Man films. This will hit True Believers pretty hard, as it violates the classic comisc continuity of Parker love interests, but it might work. The franchise could probably survive without Dunst, but it may not be able to survive without Raimi, who is also rumored to be ready to be finished the web-slinger.
It's going to be interesting to watch the Spider-Man 4 drama unfold as we draw closer to Spider-Man 3 releasing. Much like the X-Men franchise, there are literally hundreds of stories still to be told, but it requires the continued effort of a few key players. ...
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