Three quick things before we dive in:

1. SPOILERS afoot! Do not read this piece if you want the secrets of Superman Returns to remain hidden until you see the flick. Please.

2. GEEKERY afoot! This mini-rant is chock-full of amazingly nerdly nitpicks and such. I'm well aware of this, so there's no need to point out what a dweeb I am.

3. FAN afoot! While I'd politely disagree with anyone who thinks Superman Returns is an Excellent Film, I did enjoy the flick overall, and I think it's got more assets than missteps. Also keep in mind that I'm writing this as an old-school Superman superfan, so please don't think I'm "gunning" for the movie. I hope the flick makes $400 million and spawns a half-dozen sequels, honest. Just having some fun here.

And with that...
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