Paramount tried to put a quick lid on the unexpected leaking of a Transformers trailer ... but this is the wild west internet, and we all know once it hits there is no taking it back. It might be hard to find for awhile, but it's there if you look hard enough. It seems that Paramount has realized this truth (or just coincidentally planned to release the trailer today) and has decided the wisest course of action would probably be sharing the trailer under their own terms. So now, if you head on over to the Transformersofficial site, you can dig a trailer for the flick. It might not be much and it doesn't share a very solid look at any robots in disguise, but it does show some promise, and it makes you all giddy with excitement. Vaguely science fiction action and dramatic moment build-ups are certainly a forte of director Michael Bay, and you feel that strength coming through in the trailer.

Granted, I was not lucky enough to catch an eyeful of the improperly released trailer a few days back, so I really do not know if this one is one in the same ... but it seems unlikely they'd have two trailers already put together and ready to go. At any rate, it is good to see the movie coming together. My geeky fanboy core is hard at work winning over my cynical distrust of Michael Bay, and I continue to look forward to this project with caution.
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