Wolverine is on the move! We were all shocked a few days ago by rumors of a 2007 release date, and with good reason it now turns out. New reports tell us this rumor is full of lies, and the film is actually shooting for a far more reasonable 2008 release date. Still quick, but not absurdly so anymore. This seriously lightens concerns about quality loss in a rush job. In other Wolverine news, the ever-present Latino Review has scored a script review for the upcoming Hugh Jackman vehicle. The general consensus says "awesome!" and I think I'm more or less inclined to agree. I'm not going to go into details for fear of spoilers, but let me provide a few interesting details ... and you can choose for yourself if you want to swing by LR and read their excellent review.

In the film we will learn the origins of Wolverine's real name. We'll see him in berserker mode, and we'll see a far greater explanation of the Weapon X project. A few other mutants will make real appearances -- including The Blob! The script/plot seems to be a fair mix of comic book story line and movie story line, so hopefully fans of both will be pleased. Do expect, as per standard with Marvel movies, some deviation from the comic books. Go check out LR for more.
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