Believe it or not, I really want to like Zoom. I know, it's crazy ... but I really enjoy a good comedy, and I really enjoy superheroes. The Incredibleswas fun, right? But every time I try to convince myself there might be something redeeming about Zoom, I remember that I haven't really enjoyed a Tim Allen project since Galaxy Quest. But hey -- maybe we can get something of Galaxy Quest level, right? Sadly, this does not seem to be the case; just have a look at the newly released internet trailer here. The movie looks to be everything we were all expecting: A poor attempt at capitalizing on the superhero craze with halfhearted humor and and a modest budget.

Time for a caveat: This is probably going to be a good kids film. Tim Allen doesn't really shoot for my demographic these days, and the audience he is hoping to pull in probably consists more of sticky-fingered (no, not that new Blade guy) pre-adolescents and less of cynical geek journalists. If you've got young kids who are enjoying the age of movie superheroes, this will probably be another Sky High for you.
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