While the level of play in minor league baseball might not be as high as that you'll find at your local major league ballpark, things down in the minors are often a hell of a lot more fun, both because nobody really cares what goes on in, say, the rookie leagues, and also because of the casual intimacy between the clubs and their small groups of devoted fans. At the moment, my favorite minor league team is officially the Lake Elsinore Storm, a class A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. Why, you ask, would a New Yorker support a team in California? Well, friend, last night the Storm offered the best promotion of all time: They gave away a Bobble-Couch to the first 1000 fans to arrive at the ballpark.

The couch, pictured above, celebrates Tom Cruise's fabled explosion of crazy when he tried to eat Oprah, and is the first recorded bobbling recognition of said event (Tom, obviously, is the part that bobbles). And the Cruise celebration didn't stop there! Through the game, the Storm offered such events as a couch-jumping contest, a history of Cruise's films and tabloid appearances, a table with information about Scientology and, best of all, a Silent Inning in which, in an effort to emulate Suri's birth, "no batters [were] announced, no music played, and the fans [were] encouraged to 'be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable.'" Lake Elsinore Storm, you complete me.

[via MollyGood]
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