Now here's a fun little idea that was just whipped together by the Alamo Drafthouse crew. What's that? You're not familiar with the Alamo Drafthouse? Well, about three years ago I called it "the best movie theater in America, period," despite the fact that, A) over the course of my 30-some years, I've only been to maybe 65 American movie theaters, and B) nobody really gives a wet splat about what I think. But then Entertainment Weeklychimed in a few months ago, and they had my back. Supported by actual research, EW also called the Alamo Drafthouse our nation's finest flick-house. Wanna know why? Click here.

Anyway, the AD gang has officially caught Snakes on a Plane Fever, and here's what they're proposing: You sign up to compete, and you're given a randomly generated animal and a randomly generated vehicle. Let's say you get ... SLUGS on a HOT DOG CART. Well, now you have to go make a movie with that title that runs between two and five minutes; films will then be posted online so people can vote, and the highest-scoring mini-movies will earn entry to a big, hoopy competetion / celebration this August down in the wonderful town of Austin, Texas. A whole bunch of prizes are at stake, not the least of which are cold, hard cash and the newfound ability to tell people "Yes, I directed Pelicans on a Ferris Wheel."

I'll paste up the press release under the jump, but you can also head over to Blank on a Blank website and pick through the specifics. (Yes, there is an entry fee, but it's a reasonable one that's just expensive enough to keep the knuckleheads from gumming up the works.)
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