The JoBlo guys have made an interesting observation about the Green Goblin costume displayed briefly for us in the recent Spider-Man 3movie trailer. They have (or rather, a reader of theirs has) slowed down the HD version of the trailer and removed a still image or two, providing a very good look at James Franco in the Green Goblin getup. Upon doing so, they noted an unusual detail from the costume -- the mask is rather different from that worn by Harry's daddy. JoBlo is guessing Harry didn't have access to his daddy's mask, but this seems a bit absurd to me. He's got the glider, but can't get the mask? It could be very true though, who knows? It has also been suggested that perhaps Harry is just making his own edgier, easier version of the costume. Or maybe the digital effects people just didn't get around to putting everything together for an early internet trailer. At any rate, you can swing on over there to check out the still image, and then let us know your thoughts. You've really got to delight in the Spider-Man rogues' gallery, don't you? Such a fantastic and varied group of characters.
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