Raise your hand if the idea of a "feature-length documentary about slasher movies" sounds appealing. OK, those with your hands down, you can skip down to the next post about Sensitive Superman and Leech-Covered Pirates ... cuz this is about to get splattery.

BD.com was kind enough to share a press release from the Starz Network, and here's the short version: Adam Rockoff once wrote a book called Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, which is a book that I, amazingly, have not yet purchased -- probably cuz I'm so damn jealous that I didn't write it first. Now we learn that the book is being turned into a documentary that will premiere on the Starz channel this (wait for it) October. Interview subjects will include Carpenter, Craven, Cunningham, Clark, and what looks like three-dozen others. The director is first-timer Jeff McQueen, who previously did short docos covering Platoon, The Terminator, and The King and I.

Check out the full press release right here.

I seriously hope this flick won't put a dent in my buddy Robert Hall's impending project, the very similar-ish The Rise and Fall of 80's Horror. No reason a sub-genre this juicy can't yield two gore-soaked documentaries.
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