I don't know what's funnier: The cast list for Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror -- or the fact that the flick played as part of the "Guilty Pleasures" lineup at this year's L.A. Film Festival. The weirdness continues: Xenon Pictures (distributors of Blood Ranch!) has purchased Hood of Horror, and they plan on (maybe) giving it a theatrical release later this year -- and if the flick opens on more than 200 screens, I'll eat an entire birthday cake all by myself.

Or perhaps I'm being too hard on a low-budget horror comedy anthology piece that stars Danny Trejo, Ernie Hudson, Lin Shaye, Aires Spears, Diamond Dallas Page, Jason Alexander, Method Man, Billy Dee Williams, and the King Snizzle Snoop himself. As a matter of fact, the flick was directed by Stacy Title, who (once upon a time) directed a rather intriguing ensemble black comedy called The Last Supper.

Anyway, good, bad or outrageously moronic, I am now more than a little interested in seeing Hood of Horror. Bring it on, Xenon. It's been a few years since Tales from the Hood, so let's give it a second shot.
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