So, let's start with the good news for Warner Bros.: Superman Returnstopped the box office this weekend! Yay! The film made just over $52 million from 4065 screens, easily out-earning The Devil Wears Prada, which took in $27 million on about 1200 fewer screens. The bad news, however, is that, big-picture, the movie tanked. Its $81.2 million over the first five days of release is good enough for ... 30th place on the all-time, five-day list. Add to that the facts that a)27 of the films that earned more opened on fewer screens, and b)WB is rumored to have spent about $300 million total (including promotional costs) on the movie, and those box office numbers spell a very, very, VERY worried studio. Look for the WB spin to kick into high gear on Monday, featuring sound bytes like "It outdid our expectations among female senior citizens" and "When the World Cup is over, just watch the box office explode!"

Meanwhile, Click and Nacho Libre both dropped about 50%, with Click's $19.4 million placing it in the third spot, and Nacho Libre's $6.2 good enough for fifth, right behind a still-solid Cars. In other news, The Break-Up is still in the top 10. This weekend's earnings of $2.8 million ran the movie's total domestic takes to about $110 million and pushed it even further into the black. The full top 10 is after the jump.