When you think about it, there are really only two reasons why someone would travel to New Zealand: 1) Their favorite color is green or 2) They have business with Peter Jackson. While it's been rumored, Jackson does not officially own the entire country of New Zealand ... yet, but he does do a lot of work there. Top secret work. I've heard the words 'post production' used, though I feel they're just code for something much much bigger.

Not long ago, Denzel Washington traveled to New Zealand and revealed to a newspaper there that he had met with Peter Jackson about using the Lord of the Rings director's WETA visual effects workshop to handle the effects on a film Washington will be directing. As of now, the only film Washington is scheduled to direct is The Great Debaters, based on the true story of a Wiley College professor who assembles the school's first debate team, only to watch them go on to challenge Harvard in the national championship. Not for nothing, but I can't imagine a film about a debate team would require the intense special effects Peter Jackson and his team are capable of. So, could this be a different film? Washington noted that the film would most likely be released in two years. According to IMDB, The Great Debaters is set to bow sometime in 2008. I don't know, you be the judge.

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