Superman Returns is a long movie. In general, film audiences have become slightly more accepting of the long film concept, largely thanks to the fantastic success of the Lord of the Rings movies. Granted, you've got to make a great movie if you expect us to give you more than the obligatory one hour and forty-five minutes, but we're willing to give you the chance. Nonetheless, even films which push the two-and-a-half to three hour marks are not wholly complete, in terms of what was filmed versus what makes it to the big screen -- just ask the LotR extended editions. No matter how long you make your film there are always a few good bits that have to hit the cutting room floor, and Superman Returns is no exception. Director Bryan Singer has already spoke about a scene or two he hopes to include in the DVD editions, but in the meantime, ComicBookResources has a rather detailed explanation of a number of scenes which didn't make the film cut. Several of them will probably look familiar to Superman watchers, since they showed up as early photo releases or in original trailers.
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