It's pretty typical for you to see the news of a new film's website being launched when you visit us here at Cinematical. It usually happens in the last few months of run-up, and they range from nothing-but-AIM-icons bland to packed-with-special-features informational. There's also the gimmicky ones, which play more to amusement as a means of drawing your attention. It seems like the new Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson vehicle My Super Ex-Girlfriend couldn't decide which one it wanted to go with ... and so they did both. That's right, there are now two websites you can visit for all your Super Ex-Girlfriend needs:
  1. The official site at It fits somewhere between the first two options -- it has a fair number of features, but most of them are not worth your time. There are the obligatory desktop wallpapers, plot synopsis, film images, and trailer. As well as some weird game, and a few other options which claim to be "coming soon." If you're really into Uma Thurman, it might be fun ... for the rest of you, nothing special.
  2. The gimmicky grab your attention website,, where you can find valuable information on how to break-up with the girlfriend/boyfriend you just haven't had the heart to dump flat out. There are some tips and tricks, a few lessons on video, and a few little fun features such as "top ten places to end a relationship" and the "shelf life of your relationship" quiz.