I was lucky enough to have a sit-down interview with professional horror wizard Neil Marshall during last January's Sundance, and although we spoke mainly about The Descent, 28 Days Later, Alien, and our favorite '80s slasher flicks, I did remember to ask him about the sequel to his Dog Soldiers. He said that a follow-up or two would happen eventually, that he's not involved in any creative capacity, and that he wishes the new filmmakers well.

So now comes word from Canada's coolest horror site that the long-delayed Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat just might be getting revved up for production. Stepping in as director will be Rob Green, whom horror-heads might remember from his rather cool WWII chiller The Bunker. Apparently the sequel, which will finally go into production this fall, will cover the further lycanthropic misadventures of Private Cooper, although we're not yet certain if Kevin McKidd will be reprising the role.

Back to Marhsall for a second: He also mentioned to me that his Descent follow-up would be a Road Warrior-style action-adventure de la post-apocalypsia. That flick will be called Doomsday, and, of course, I'm geeked to see how it turns out.
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