According to their director, the brand-new documentaries that appear on the Lord of the Rings special edition DVDs Scott told us about a couple of week ago have been edited without his input or consent. Costa Botes claims that he was essentially locked out of the editing room when New Line went to work on his docs. The director shot over 800 hours of footage during his unrestricted access to Peter Jackson's film sets, and seems to have produced his own final cut, which he then turned over to the studio. There was some footage, however, to which they objected, including a scene of orcs singing Stand By Me (Not too creepy, but the rights to the song were too expensive.), other shots that involved music (presumably for the same reason) and footage of the tops of New Zealand's Mt Ruapehu and Mt Ngauruhoe, which are apparently sacred to the country's indigenous Maori's people.

So yeah, it sounds like the cuts were made for practical reasons, rather than in an effort to hide on-set debauchery or something -- no scandal here. The most troubling thing about The Guardian's report on Botes, really, is the fact that his deal with New Line means that he'll get NO ROYALTIES from sales of the DVDs featuring his work. Doh!
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