Roger EbertRoger Ebert was rushed to the hospital on Saturday night for emergency surgery. On June 16, Ebert had gone in for a procedure to remove a cancerous growth on his salivary gland. It was expected not to be life threatening, and Ebert had stated that he should make a full recovery, but after two weeks, there appears to have been complications. At about 8pm on Saturday, a blood vessel burst near the site of that operation. As of Sunday night, following a long day in surgery, he was in serious but stable condition at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

All of us at Cinematical wish for Ebert to get well soon.

Update: Monday morning his wife, Chaz Ebert, says that he's doing fine. "I am pleased to report that the doctors say Roger is stable and responding well to the recent surgery. Roger and I are so grateful for your prayers and support but please give the big guy the space and time needed to recover until he is ready to use those thumbs again."

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