According to Screen Daily, Rosenbloom Entertainment and Flashpoint Entertainment have hired first-time director Mattias Visser to direct Fan-Demanium, a documentary examining the World Cup through a look at fans at the month-long event. The film will focus on ten groups of fans and document their experiences in Germany. Among those Visser and his crew are following are an Australian (Who is already home. Ha ha.) and "Uzbek uncles who cycled 4,000 miles to Germany to get autographs of their nephews' favorite football stars." Ok, now that sounds cool.

My only World Cup experience was in Japan four years ago, and the event's distance from Europe made that group of fans somewhat different from those who generally attend the Cup -- it's a lot easier, obviously, to jump in the car and drive from Italy to Germany than it is to pay for a flight to Japan and lodging there. That said, however, my experience there, and at the 2004 European Championships in Portugal led me to the irrefutable conclusion that Dutch fans rule. They're insanely supportive, but also impossibly friendly and endlessly positive -- if they've got a beer and some orange clothes, it's a good day. Point being, Visser damn well better have some Dutch in his movie.
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