Kim confessed last week that Grease is one of her guilty pleasures; many of you chimed in to agree with her in the comments (though I didn't comment I, too, am right there with you). So far, though, no one has dared confess their affection for Grease 2, possibly the worst sequel of all time. Granted, Maxwell Caulfield is hot, in an 80s sort of way, and it's always fun to see Michelle Pfeiffer singing about the seasons. But, really, most of the pleasure the movie offers comes from laughing at it, which is rarely a good sign.

There's a completely bizarre rumor floating around today that Paramount, instead of leaving well enough alone, is actually thinking about remaking the movie. (Which, you know, is sort of diverting -- at least instead of remaking a classic and pissing everyone off, this would be another version of a bad movie to which very few people can claim any true attachment.) Do you think they're embarrassed? And after 20+ years, want to correct all of Grease 2's wrong? It's impossible to know how seriously the studio might actually be thinking about this (or, indeed, if they're thinking about it at all), but the story from Sky News claims that "they're going to add some new songs, spice up the cast, and get a stronger script." Man alive. Hollywood, friends, is a very odd place.
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