True Believers were somewhat disheartened by the script work for the initialFantastic Four  movie. There were certainly some great moments in the film, but overall we felt it could have been (and really should have been) much better. We've been promised a stronger showing for the second film in the franchise, and we cling to that promise in a desperate hope for the Fantastic Four movie we've always wanted. And if recent rumors are to be believed, the script/plot for the second film is already off to a VERY strong start -- a start fully capable of igniting hope in all our hearts.

Here's the deal; Marvel is reportedly working off a script based very heavily upon the (very) classic "The Coming of Galactus" story arc which ran through The Fantastic Four issues 48-50. The story was penned by Stan Lee himself, with the inking (and story) aid of Marvel godfather Jack Kirby, creator of many fantastic Reed Richard machines. The story is a particularly famous and beloved one, and tells the tale of the world-eater Galactus coming to earth with his Herald the Silver Surfer. For True Believers, "The Coming of Galactus" is practically holy scripture. If the script stays true to the pages, we could be looking at a golden movie here, folks.
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