Cinescape has a scooper with some new Hulk news. Okay, well mostly a bunch of old Hulk news, but there's a bit of new buried in there as well. The "scooper" shared his shrewdly gained insights and informed us that the new Hulk film will not be a sequel, but a remake. He also let us know it will not be produced by Universal, but rather in-housed by Marvel themselves. Hey buddy, welcome to two weeks ago. However, he did have a few new bits for us, primarily relating to casting decisions. According to the scooper, Marvel doesn't plan to audition for the role of Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, but will rather "go out" to certain actors they've already got in mind. On the supposed short list are Dominic Purcell, Brendan Fraser, Adam Garcia.

I continue support Marvel's decision to reboot the Hulk franchise, despite the general fan community feeling of "hey, isn't it too soon for a remake?" I didn't mind the first film, and even rather enjoyed it ... but I look forward to seeing it taken in a more classically Hulk direction. However, if you are going to skip over auditioning and go straight to actors you think are a good fit for the part, can't you do slightly better than the fellas listed above? Maybe Marvel is hoping to lowball the budget, and are looking to save some money on the talent.
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