Normally a piece of news like "Hey, MOVIE X just got a DVD release date" isn't really all that big a deal, but when we're talking about a movie that I really liked a whole hell of a lot BUT grossed less than $1.01 million at the domestic box office -- well, that's a flick that's gonna get a little extra love. Deal with it.

The movie in question is David Slade's Hard Candy, and it's about a 35-year-old photographer who strikes up an ... uncomfortable friendship with a 14-year-old girl that he met in the chat rooms. The unlikely couple meet up in a coffee place, but the action quickly moves back to the man's swanky studio -- and that's all you're getting out of me, plot-wise. Suffice to say that each character has a dark handful of hidden motivations, some obvious and others ... not so obvious.

Given the subject matter, I'm not at all surprised that the flick died at the arthouses. (And while I've read some very insightful negative reviews of the movie, I simply do not agree with any of 'em.) Either way, it's pretty tough to sell a movie as "the pedophile thriller" (even WITH rave reviews), but when I saw it last March at SXSW ... the damn thing absolutely hypnotized me. Hard Candy is a smart, slick, and very ballsy thriller that will absolutely move on to find a lot of ardent fans via the DVD stacks. Add it to your queue today, and be sure to watch it while the kids are sleeping.

DVD hits on September 19th. Hope you like it.
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