Odds and ends from a very slow Monday:

  •  Yes, the following story deals with a man having sex with a horse. Yes, it was that slow of a news day. Seattle filmmaker Robinson Devor has begun shooting a documentary based on popular story from 2005 in which a man from Enumclaw died after having sex with a horse. We first reported on this story waaaaaay back in October, but now, it seems, things are gearing up. Devor, who premiered his last film Police Beat at Sundance last year, hopes to debut In the Forest There is Every Kind of Bird at Sundance in 2007.
  • As I've mentioned before, with Pirates of the Caribbean 2 landing in just a few days, Johnny Depp is all over the news this week. According to Contact Music, Stephen Cannell is looking to revive his 21 Jump Street series and turn it into a feature film starring none other than Johnny Depp. You'll remember Depp played Officer Tom Hansen on the original television series, but left the show on bad terms. However, the actor recently said he's keen to bring back the character, but only he gets to play him a certain way. Depp says, "He's out of his mind. He's really old now. But he thinks that he's really young. That I would love to do."
  • Awhile back, we told you how a huge sneaker fan was desperately trying to get Nike to produce those cool futuristic sneakers Marty Mcfly wears in Back to the Future 2 and sell them to the public. Only one pair has ever existed and they were worn by Michael J. Fox in the film. Well, now that the petition has gathered up over 20,000 signatures, Canadian Ron Al Cabino** has partnered up with an unnamed New York media mogul in the attempt to create a TV campaign to help his cause. Not for nothing, but the jacket Fox wore was so much cooler. Oh, and what about the hovercraft -- how about they make one of those?

**(Thanks, Al Cabino, for emailing to let us know your name is Al, NOT Ron. -eds.)