I've said it before and I'll say it again: It always amazes me where some movie news comes from and how fast said news travels around the internet. According to CanMag.com via a tip from a guy named "Black Belt Hopeful," two of director John Woo's upcoming projects have been shelved ... for now.

Supposedly the tipster was working out alongside a casting agent in his karate class when he was told Woo's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run projects are no longer moving ahead as planned. Now, we're not sure if one led to the other or if both happened at the same time but, apparently, the studio got cold feet and John Woo decided to pursue other projects (see: The Battle of Red Cliff and The Red Circle).

Not long after the story broke, Spy Hunter producer Adrian Askarieh popped in to Coming Soon and let folks know the film was indeed alive and well, saying Woo had been off the project for more than a year. Askarieh also noted they're real close to attaching a new writer/director, with an announcement expected soon. Right now, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is still signed on to play the lead role in the film.

As far as He-Man goes, well, that one is up in the air. Everyone from Paul Walker to professional wrestler Triple H were reported to have been up for the role of 80's superhero. Personally, I could do without another He-Man flick. Besides the fact that it does not, at all, seem like John Woo material, the last He-Man film was, well, bad. Real bad. As bad as they come. On the other hand, a Spy Hunter movie sounds cool, so I'm happy to hear its still got legs. 

[via AICN]

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