(Skimpy week!)

Recent Theatricals

The Libertine (WeinsteinCo) -- Johnny Depp apparently does very naughty things in this period piece I've not yet seen and therefore cannot logically comment upon. (director commentary, featurette, 10 deleted scenes)

Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School
(Sony) --  Someone told me it's a sequel to Tron. I think they were kidding. (filmmaker commentary, original short film)

The Matador (WeinsteinCo) -- Pierce Brosnan is drop-dead freakin' hilarious in this movie. I know, I was surprised too. (two commentaries, featurette, 11 deleted scenes, radio interview)

(Universal) -- The allegedly, maybe, somewhat potentially fact-based story of the young Rolling Stones -- or at least the guy who quit the band and drowned at 27. (no extras)

Catalog Picks

My Chauffeur & My Tutor (Brentwood) -- Nothing says "sex comedy" like the possessive "My." How did nobody think to make My Hooker? (no extras)

(Happy 4th!)