Remember the long, drawn-out review that China's government censorship board put Mission: Impossible III through? And how it was, at long last, eventually cleared for release with just a few short cuts (most of them assumed to involve negative depictions of Shanghai)? Well, Chinese bloggers are guessing that there's one subversive message that the censors missed.

According to Chinese message boards, there's a shot in the film (thank you, pirated DVDs) in which Tom Cruise passes a nondescript wall on which is written a phone number. If you call that phone number, you reach Mr. Ba, a man who can hook you up with any forged document you need, from faked IDs to falsified college diplomas. Niiiice. Mr. Ba has apparently been interviewed online, but since no one here can read Chinese, we're left guessing what he might have said -- probably something like "Thank you, J.J. Abrams, for increasing my business 700-fold. I have to get off the phone now, because my flight for Aruba is boarding."

The only problem is that all the chatter on Chinese websites will probably alert the government to the number's presence; since the movie doesn't come out until July 20, they may still have time to either take it out, or recall the prints and push the release even further back.
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