A movie about a 16th-century king and his two court jesters has earned more at the domestic box office than any film in South Korean history. The King and the Clown has thus far made over $85 million, and has sold so many tickets that nearlyh one quarter of the entire population has seen the movie during its theatrical run (assuming, of course, that no one has seen in more than once, which I realize is unlikely). As you might expect for a good foreign movie that features neither horror nor big names, the film has no US distribution. It also, however, will not be seen on Chinese screens -- censors have banned it for "subtle gay themes," despite the fact that the gay lovin' in the movie consists entirely of longing looks exchanged during a puppet show.

For those Chinese citizens interested in seeing the film, however, there are options: Those trusty pirates already have DVDs available in the country's major cities.
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