On one hand, screenwriter success stories are wonderful to read about. On the other hand, some aspiring writers tend to get jealous when they hear tales of a first-timer who, basically, got a lucky break. In the world of screenwriting, most will tell you that a writer's first script should be used strictly as an exercise and, ultimately, wind up in the garbage. The general advise is to write a good six or seven scripts before hitting the pavement with a slew of query letters and assistant ass-kissing.

In the case of Brandon Murphy, all it took was one script and one phone call -- an aspiring screenwriter's wet dream. After writing a comedy script called Pony Bush, Murphy decided to send it to the ex-girlfriend of his old college roommate who happened to be working for the management company Benderspink. Mind you, Pony Bush was his first-ever stab at writing a feature-length screenplay. However, instead of landing in the garbage, Benderspink dug the idea and, over the course of several months, helped Murphy develop it more. After meeting with talent agency ICM, Murphy sold the script to Dimension Films (who, not for nothing, are on a big comedy kick lately) with those Broken Lizard boys in talks to produce the film.

Murphy, who was working as a waiter at the time, had qualified for poverty level insurance the day before he sold the script. Story revolves around a lovable deadbeat and his sidekick who turn the snobby Pony Bush country club upside down. Sounds to me like Caddyshack meets another bad Broken Lizard film. As of now, no director is attached.

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