The cool thing to do these days is start a rumor about your TV-show being turned into a feature film. The newest cool guy is Damon Lindelof, who isn't announcing a Lostmovie, but is simply throwing the idea out there as something he's really interested in doing. Basically his plan is to do five seasons (that would mean three more) and then do a movie, partially so the studio can't drag the show out longer than it should run. What I'm imagining is that in the summer of 2009 the show will have a cliff-hanger finale on TV and then conclude in theaters. Sure, it is a bit of a money-making scheme and some people might be annoyed about having to spend $10 (or maybe in three years it will be $13?) to see the end of the show, but as a fan, I'm very welcome to this idea. Of course, I'm one of the people who keeps wanting Landmark Theaters to show episodes on the big screen, first-run, the night they air on TV, for $5 a pop.

After the rumors of the Alias movie, it might be wise to wait for the official response from Lost's other co-creator J.J. Abrams. He might not have as much to do with the show lately, but I figure he would have some say in the matter, and it is likely people would expect him to direct the film. Unless Darren Aronofsky, who is sad that he wasn't able to shoot an episode this past season, wants to do it. It is also likely that people in charge will want to wait and see how the 24 movie does before making a commitment. That film is expected in 2008, so it might be a few years before we know for sure.
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