Yeah, I know -- the trailer mash-up thing is getting a little old. Frankly, I blame the gay cowboys. That movie comes out, and suddenly everyone who has ever appeared on screen is being edited to be even gayer than before. Sure, some of them were good -- great, even -- but some were pretty pathetic, just throwing the Brokeback Mountain score behind images of men, and figuring that would suffice. (Just so you know, people, it doesn't. We need pathos and longing looks with our sad music!)

So, here's the good news: No one in The Big Wazowski is gay! Hooray for that. Honestly, the story in this Monsters, Inc./The Big Lebowski mash-up isn't very coherent, but cartoon mouths that really look like they're saying things like "The Dude abides" are fundamentally funny, which makes the thing much more watchable than it has any right to be. Plus, I watched The Big Lebowski last night, so I'm probably very Dude-sensitive right now. Still, it's worth watching, especially if you're struggling to get back into the swing of being at work and need distractions.
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